Santa Cruz

Well it happened.. it took seven months of traveling, but I finally caught a cold..  I’m in south San Francisco and the weather is beautiful, but I’m more stopped up than the detergent dispenser at the laundromat.  I’ve taken to a strict regiment of water, apple juice, cold medicine and at least a fifteen hour window for sleep every night.  I don’t usually sleep all the way through it, but last night I hit twelve hours solid.  I figure if I do this for another couple days, I’ll be ship shape before Thursday, when I’ve got another show in Santa Cruz.  Truth be told, it’s the second to last show on this tour.  Afterwards I’ll work my way down the last section of the coast and then play one more show in Los Angeles, where I’ll spend the rest of the winter.  So far I’ve traveled more than five thousand miles since April, and I’m about ready to hang my hat on the same hook for a couple months.

Three Days Later: The Cold is Dead.

I slept for more than sixty hours in a four day period, and every morning I woke up feeling slightly better than the day before.  On the third day, I drove down to Santa Cruz because the weather forecast said it was sunny there, and it certainly wasn’t sunny where I woke up.  It turned out to be a good move though; I made it in time to watch the sunset, and then stuck to my guns and went to bed before 9pm.  When I woke up I stopped into Burger King for breakfast and then headed downtown to Pacific Avenue.  I had done some research on the laws surrounding street performing in Santa Cruz, and it’s pretty much legal as long as you’re ten feet from buildings and such.

While I was playing downtown I met a friend from Switzerland who is also traveling, and then we stumbled on a farmers market and jammed out for another hour.  He had a set of bongo drums, so we set up shop and played some funk, and then split the pot before heading to check out a drum circle a couple blocks away.  There was a small gathering along the river where people were throwing down african beats and hanging out.  He jumped right in on the bongos, and I hung around for a while, but when I realized that my time was running out at the parking meter, I said my adues and headed back to tend to the van.

I put the guitar away and headed off in search of food.  I walked past a place called Joe’s Pizza, and it had a sign outside that read “All you can eat spaghetti!,” so I stopped in and decided to see just how much spaghetti I could consume.  It was now almost five in the afternoon and I had skipped lunch entirely, so it was time for a heavy dinner.  For seven bucks, I got a huge salad with fresh green peppers and olives and stuff, a big bowl of spaghetti with no bottom, and a plate of garlic bread, which I was told also had no bottom.  To make matters better, they had free WiFi, and they were playing one of my favorite movies on the TV.  (I, Robot – check it out sometime..)  I hung out, ate dinner, watched part of a movie, worked on the blog and made friends with one of the servers.  It was a good stop.  In fact, I am currently here staring at my third bowl of Spaghetti, wondering if I have enough room for it in my tummy.  We shall see.  But since that brings me to this very moment, I’m gonna post this now and see what life has in store for me this evening.  I’ll come back to this sometime next week..


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